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Antara Living Lot 2 Construction Updates - Jun 2024

Construction Progress

We are excited to share the latest progress on the Antra Living Lot 2 project. Construction has now reached the podium at Level 8, with the remaining structure advancing from Level 9 up to the rooftop at Level 15.

Structural Highlights

A significant feature of the building is the two mega-columns, which span freely from Ground Level to Level 8. These columns are taking shape and will be a standout architectural element upon completion.

Apartment Development

The apartments are making great strides. Services rough-ins have commenced on the lower levels, and blockwork has progressed well on these levels as well.

Upcoming Milestone

The next major milestone will be the topping out of the building at Level 15. We look forward to celebrating this achievement soon.

Thank you for following our progress. Stay tuned for further updates!



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