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Antara Living Lot 2 Construction Updates - March 2023

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

Austino is excited to share a significant achievement in our ongoing project: the successful erection of the tower crane on 17th March 2023.

To make this milestone even more memorable, Decode and Austino extended a special invitation to the children and staff from Little Masterminds. They had the incredible opportunity to witness the crane sections being lifted into place. The children even played a part in this exciting moment by naming the crane "Charlie." It was a joyous occasion that left a lasting impression on everyone involved.

In recognition of their participation and enthusiasm, Russel Strahle of Austino, along with Liam, Cathy, and Michel from Decode, presented all the children with personalized hard hats a couple of weeks later. It was a gesture of appreciation for their contribution and a symbol of their connection to this remarkable project.

As we celebrate this achievement, we eagerly anticipate the next milestone on our journey: the pouring of the ground floor slab. Stay tuned for updates as we continue making progress and bringing our vision to life.



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